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  • • Perform welding using wire welding GMAW( Gas Metal Arc Welding), FCAW ( Flux Core Arc Welding ), SMAW ( Stick Welding ) TIG ( Tungsten Inert Gas ) and MIG ( Metal Inert Gas ).
  • • Weld Aluminium or stainless steel components with welding equipment as specified by procedures, layouts, blueprints, diagrams, work orders, or oral instructions. Weld range from simple tacks to complex welds, performed in varying positions.
  • • Work includes set-up. Laying out work using fixture and guides to repair, modify, or fabricate parts and/or equipment products.
  • • Keep equipment operational by completing preventive maintenance requirements; follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • • Read, understand, and follow job order specifications, blueprints, work instructions, and procedures.
  • • Control the process of fitting, burning and welding to avoid problems in relation to overheat, distortion, expansion or shrink of spare parts
  • • Examining finish products and spare parts and comparing them with samples to check whether the specifications are met
  • • Arranging and assuring the welded parts to be arranged in order before being assembled into final products; using such tools as square, calliper or ruler for this task.
  • • Perform or assist in other assigned duties as qualified
  • • Maintain a safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.


  • • At least 3 years experience with TESDA Certificate in Welding (preferable but not necessary)
  • • Physically fit and manually dexterous to perform the demanding manual labour involved
  • • With high level of commitment and strong work ethics
  • • Flexibility to work additional hours beyond and consecutively with core work schedule when needed.
  • • Willingness to cross-train and perform the work of other job tasks or positions in the Company outside of or in addition to primarily-assigned position, work area, or department.
  • • Ability to multi-task
  • • With high level of commitment and strong work ethics
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